FPGA (Field-Programmable Gate Array):

an integrated circuit that supports reconfigurable computing and enables hardware updates.

FPGA enables:

  • Programming product features;
  • Adapting to new standards and
  • Reconfiguring hardware for specific applications (even after hardware installation).

The Benefits of FPGA


FPGA Programming Made Easy

  • FPGA code portability guaranteed
    • The same FPGA code can be used across different FPGA families and vendors and
    • The code has unlimited validity.
  • The FPGA design can be upgraded throughout entire camera’s lifetime
    • After system deployment features can be added during the camera’s lifetime through endless firmware upgrade possibilities.
  • No experience with FPGA coding?
    • We provide the complete solution with FPGA coding: the only thing we need is the original algorithm and
    • We provide training for your engineers.