High Speed Cameras & 3D Smart Sensors


We design and provide complete vision solutions, ranging from high-performance, high speed cameras, 3D smart sensors and customizable vision solutions, which are based on FPGA technology. The fully programmable FPGAs offer massive computational power, which with image pre-processing inside the camera substantially reduce the bandwidth and offer most suitable solution for growing sensor speeds and resolutions.

We are an established and trusted supplier to OEMs and system integrators.

We specialize in the following camera solutions:

  • High-speed Peak detection for laser triangulation;
  • High-speed BLOB detection;
  • RLE compression and
  • Other high-speed machine vision algorithms integrated in cameras.

We provide complete camera solutions with its standard product line, technical expertise and fully customized cameras.


Should you require customized camera solutions we can provide you with a machine vision solution which will meet your precise needs and specifications. We offer an entire framework for improving the performance of your existing image processing with high-performance programmable cameras and provide you with a new image processing solution tailored exactly to your business.

Optomotive develops camera solutions for most complex applications system integrators are using today. We are an innovative and reliable long-term supplier of cameras with embedded image pre-processing for one of the fastest and most accurate scanners on the market which is widely used for 3D scanning in the production processes of the world’s biggest mobile phone manufacturers.


Optomotive provides solutions for system integrators and OEMs in the following fields:



Whichever industry you are in you want to achieve high throughput, tight tolerances and 100% automated inspection. Optomotive cameras are designed to perform at high-resolution and at high-framerate to satisfy your growing needs.

We use high-speed industrial CMOS imaging sensors, which can acquire video at rates up to 100.000 frames per second. The image processing unit is a programmable logic device FPGA, coupled with high-speed memory. This reconfigurable image processor enables parallel realtime image processing. Pre-processing includes for example laser line position detection, BLOB centroid calculation, color processing, compression and other algorithms.

For developers and OEM projects we offer EVO cameras which can be freely programmed and are supplied with hardware/software development kits. All of this makes our cameras unique computer vision machines which are also capable of standalone operations.

Our camera solutions range from standard camera assortment to semi-customized cameras and fully customized camera solutions.

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