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Trex Front Trans 482

T-REX is versatile and affordable, in all possible ways!

T-REX is the ultimate FPGA camera with a very large Xilinx Zynq FPGA and high speed imaging sensor. It is based on new Zynq modules, which incorporate LPDDR2 memory and Gigabit Ethernet. It is ultimate-performance ARM system-on-chip (SOC) technology, combined with latest turbocharged industrial CMOSIS imaging sensors.

Semi-Custom FPGA camera accelerates time-to-market for special applications

FPGA reference design with source code available - T-REX HSDK

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• CMOSIS CMV2000, 2/3” CMOS colour, monochrome or NIR sensor, 2048 × 1088 pixels, 5.5 μm pixel size, 333 FPS at JPEG video acquisition,
• CMOSIS CMV4000, 1” CMOS colour, monochrome or NIR sensor, 2048 × 2048 pixels, 5.5 μm pixel size, 187 FPS at JPEG video acquisition.
Connectivity, I/O:
• Gigabit Ethernet (isolated Power over Ethernet),
• 4 pin trigger connector (3x bidirectional IOs).
• Xilinx Zynq (size 85k)
• Ultimate FPGA ARM Dual core A9 System-on-Chip,
• User programmable
• Capable of intensive real-time image processing.
• 54 × 94 × 66 mm (housing),
• 46 × 84 × 34 mm (OEM with C-mount).
Usage: compatible with Optomotive VEVO API dynamically linked library with examples(C, C# examples included) and with 3rd party applications (MATLAB(R), LabView(R), etc.).

• Semi-custom High-Speed FPGA camera
• Rapid development and integration of custom FPGA image processing algorithms,
• 3 general purpose user-programmable digital I/O pins, 20 acessible FPGA pins in OEM.
• Targeted to metrology and industrial use.

• C-mount housing (IP67 option) or board level (OEM)
• 3D image processing laser line triangulation core
• RLE image compression core
• Multiple simultaneous pipelines

  • Motion capture
  • 3D scanners