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OptoMotive goes to the Space!

Published September 21, 2011 16:01

On september 20., 2011, a team of Slovenian engineers and enthusiasts under the auspices of Audi Slovenia (http://www.audi.si) and as a part of campaign for the new Audi A6 Avant launched a stratospheric balloon with a probe carrying two special cameras straight into space.

This is a sequence of the flight just before and after the ballon burst. The highest point of the flight was reached here - 25.173 meters above Hrastnik, Slovenia.

The probe was launched from Ljubljana Castle and landed in a small village of Kanjuce some 70 km east form Ljubljana.

The flight was conceived by DRAFTFCB PAN (http://draftfcb.si) ad agency, the probe and cameras were constructed by engineers of Optomotive (http://www.optomotive.com)


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