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Interview on RTV Slovenia in ˝The Right Idea˝ TV show

Published November 24, 2011 19:38


»The Right Idea« TV show is an entrepreneur business show. It has already been on programme for 3 years on Tuesday evenings.

The show has proven to be an excellent concept just in times of recession. Innovative people find their way in times of crisis thus showing how to work under these circumstances. Successful entrepreneurs take the changes on the market as an opportunity. The purpose of “The Right Idea” is to show the key to success through the entrepreneurs’ activities which might be an encouragement for others and motivation to succeed.

The guests are checked before inviting them to the show. Interesting, innovative ideas are the precondition to participate in the show as well as work enjoyment and passion. Of course, we are also interested in the company’s income, growth, eventual export, and market share, the atmosphere in the company or the employees’ satisfaction and social responsibility.

Employees’ statements are included in the conversation and people who know the entrepreneur personally are interviewed so that the viewers get the whole picture about the entrepreneur’s personality.

In case the entrepreneur succeeds with his/her own idea on the market interesting for the viewers to see his/her entrepreneurial way – that’s the “right idea”. Thus the show has also its mission as it spreads the entrepreneurial spirit in an interesting and attractive manner.

The popularity/audience rating has been rising. According to the response the show is seen in our neighbor country Croatia, other European Countries and in USA, too.

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