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Impressions from VISION 2011

Published November 15, 2011 16:28

A record number of companies and attendees filled the halls of the Messe Stuttgart, proving that despite the problems that might face the folks in the Eurozone, the vision industry still appears to be booming.

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This year's VISION 2011 show in Stuttgart, Germany was an unparalleled success. More than 350 exhibitors attended the show, an increase of 8.4% on the number that were there last year. And from the number of interested parties that were walking the aisles of the show, we would say that interest in the industry is as high as it has ever been.
The industry continues to boom. And the figures to date do paint a beguiling picture: 2011 has been a strong year, with German vision industry sales expected to top €1.5 billion, up 20 per cent on 2010 and a tripling in sales from 2000. The turnover in North America has seen sales return to record levels according to the Automated Imaging Association (AIA), with 40 per cent growth predicted for 2011.
In terms of technology, one of the big trends at this year's show was USB 3.0 and its development as a vision standard, although the first version of which is not expected to be released until Vision 2012. Intel is introducing USB 3.0 into its chipsets and within the next two years most PCs will incorporate USB 3.0 ports, eventually replacing USB 2.0. USB3 Vision will deliver 300MB/s bandwidth, is plug-and-play and is capable of real-time processing. The standard will co-exist with GigE Vision and Camera Link.

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The overall impression is excellent. We are harvesting the results already. So, Stuttgart get ready! We are coming back!

Impressions of our Team members

Vision 2011 was OptoMotive’s major sales and marketing event of this year. We have put tremendous effort in fair preparations and this effort’s first results were shown already on the first day of the event. With all surrounding activities, including participation on Industrial Vision Days and competing for Vision Award, the whole fair presentation turned out being very successful. OptoMotive is from now on a very well known player in the global machine vision market. Visitor’s and customer’s response is a reliable confirmation for OptoMotive being on the right path. It is now sure that joining large FPGAs together with high performance imaging sensors inside a smart camera is a visionary solution for the future!

Barbara Rakovec Gorkič, CEO

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Being the part of the Vision event fulfilled my goal of a lifetime. Our booth was gorgeous, not to mention the refined light boxes with our sculptures. The cameras exterior design really expresses the camera’s soul. Numerous business meetings gave us wind in our sails for exploring new markets and making new alliances. About our new camera I can say only this: The Velociraptor camera is a crown jewel of our quest for a “perfect camera”.

Aleš Gorkič, CTO

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I really enjoyed the Fair. It was my first time to be a part of such an event. I am still collecting the impressions, but for sure a few visitors will remain in my mind for a long time.

I remember the lady who visited our stand, spend some time looking at our showcase and expressed her excitement with a comment: WOW, the camera housings are gorgeous, makes me want to have them. :).

One gentleman visited our stand and during the discussion revealed that he visited Slovenia and he is following the Slovenian machine vision market, so he recognized immediately that we are the first and only manufacturer of cameras for machine vision in our country.

Most of visitors were impressed by our company´s history, as well as by the idea and concept of building and founding the company and business.

Jure Škrabar, Hardware Developer

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The Fair was a huge success: we have established a lot of new business contacts and met the people from the Machine Vision Industry. The Interest in our new camera family VELOCIRAPTOR was huge. We can also confirm that a similar product as ours cannot be found in the Market yet. During the Fair a few conferences and presentations were held, giving a brief guidelines of new trends for a future machine vision industry development, that will be useful when deciding about new product development.

Atmosphere at the Fair was inspiring and positive, although the fair was a huge challenge for all of us, kept us working and busy every minute during the exhibition openings hours and even late in the evening. From numerous meetings and discussions with distributors and customers to the finishing of last details on the Velociraptor late in the evening – it would be good to have more than 24 hours in a day. The result of working intensively in new environment is a strong bond created among the team members, so I would say the Fair was an excellent ˝teambuilding˝ as well. 

Žiga Lenarčič, Software Developer

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