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Solar cell panel Inspection

The increased global awareness has in recent years moved the solar cell industry from a pioneer to a leading and ever increasing industry.

The increased demand for solar cell panels has turned the industry towards higher-volume automated manufacturing, where product quality assurance has become a key element in the production process.

This has increased the demand for digital automated imaging inspection systems that will help ensure a high and uniform quality of the solar cell panels at the end of the production line.

By introducing machine vision systems in the production line, solar cell manufactures will benefit from higher production yields and lower scarp values.

• Wafer Inspection: micro cracks, defective front grid, poor efficiency, electrode defects.
• Surface defects: coating, stain, non visual cracks, scratches, print inspection, wafer contamination.
• Glass inspection: length, width, diagonal, phase, rectangularity, stain, coating, non visual cracks, chipping, crack, defects, saw marks.
• Mechanical sampling inspection: part positioning, glue residue, assembling tolerances, part inspection.
• Final inspection: total panel mechanics, panel efficiency.