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Postal & Cargo

Identification, detection, verification and measurement are the most common tasks in a postal and cargo industry.

Over recent years advances in instrumentation technology, and the requirement to reduce operational costs and increase operation efficiency, has resulted in the more progressive industries abandoning traditional methods.

Our portfolio of products and services, coupled with technology expertise, make us the number one supplier for identification and vision solutions for Postal and Cargo processes. In-house know-how, development and implementation of customized solutions, including the UNIQUE products of best quality, placing us alongside world´s largest camera manufacturers.

• letter box handling,
• letter preparation and sorting,
• detection, measurement, identification and verification of letters and packages,
• barcode reading,
• etc.

Did you know that……it is possible to read 1000 2D barcodes per second in real-time?

2D barcode reading has become a common task in logistic industry. 2D barcodes are replacing 1D barcodes for a simple reason: they contain more information. But what can be done, when an image containing barcode is huge, but the barcode is really tiny? What if it is not possible to predict its position? What if there are many products to inspect in a very short time? The answer to all these questions is high resolution and high frame rate.

But high resolution and high frame rate results in massive bandwidth. And massive bandwidth is difficult to process in real time. What will process this amount of data? Perhaps a costly cluster of mainframes for distributed computing with enormous usage of electricity? No one anywhere is likely prepared to buy a supercomputer for image processing, unless there really is no other alternative.

Is there anything less expensive that also consumes less power? Yes: FPGAs. And, yes, a camera with a large FPGA, high-resolution and high-speed sensor can do the job. Such a camera can (pre)processes data at the source for an affordable price. And this way all bottlenecks are avoided.