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Pharmaceutical & Cosmetics

The pharmaceutical industry is continuously concerned with meeting international regulations. The patient safety must be assured by performing reliable quality assurance routines during production.

The cosmetic industry worldwide seems to be continuously developing. Given the technological development and the improvement of the manufacturing process of cosmetics and not least due to the constantly increasing demand of such products, this industry reported an important growth.

To optimize quality, safety and production line efficiency, most of the producers apply machine vision systems in their production lines. Industrial image processing based on smart cameras is the key to optimizing product quality and production efficiency.

OPTOMOTIVE’s reliable and fast cameras are ideal for a wide range of pharmaceutical and cosmetic production line inspection applications.

• fluid fill levels detection,
• correct quantity checking,
• detection of foreign particles in vials/ampoules,
• checking of completeness of coatings on pills,
• completeness of syringes and pack contents,
• verification of various label information/bar codes on medicine bottles and packs,
• date code verification on blister,
• blister pack contents checking,
• checking of quality control of blister pack before sealing,
• checking if the correct leaflet matches the blister pack,
• verifying security features of the carton,
• safe monitoring of machine doors,
• reading and verifying 2D serialization code,
• verifying of the package leaflet presence.