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Machine Tools

The Machine Tools Industry makes tools used to manufacture other products and produces items for all sectors of the national economy. Its products include metalworking and woodworking machine tools, automatic and semiautomatic transfer machines, and fully automated production facilities for the manufacture of machines, equipment, and parts made from metal and other industrial materials, as well as forge, press, casting, and woodworking equipment.

The optimisation of processes in the machine tool industry is an on-going task. The complexity of the parts, quality and quantity requirements in regard to the production process influence the level of automation and the implementation of machine vision systems.

• control of processes,
• part detection,
• dimension inspection,
• detection of tools in presses,
• tool position detection,
• identification of sheet coils,
• detection of sheet seam markings,
• loop regulation for sheet strips,
• "in die" sensing – detection of components in the die,
• roller positioning for pipe straightening machines,
• handling sheet parts,
• loading and unloading components (bin picking),
• pressure and level monitoring in hydraulic and cooling, lubricant systems,
• detection of part codes in machining centers,
• positioning and identification of parts in the production, process with optical sensors,
• tool and tool damage detection,
• parts present detection in tooling magazine,
• spindle speed monitoring,
• position sensing of workpiece and pallet,
• parts present detection with photoelectric sensors,
• parts present detection of the pallet,
• detecting welding failure of nuts,
• controlling surface level of molten metal,
• checking robotic handling,
• and numerous others.