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Industrial Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting requires identification of the malfunction(s) or symptoms within a system. Troubleshooting is needed to develop and maintain complex systems where the symptoms of a problem can have many possible causes. Troubleshooting is used in many fields such as engineering, electronics, automotive repair, diagnostic medicine, etc.

When it comes to the industrial troubleshooting, machine vision system helps an engineer to investigate and understand the cause of the problem, by preview of recent and archived images captured by a high-speed camera. To capture every single detail occurred in a microsecond and not visible by a human eye, it’s necessary to install the equipment able to catch and obtain such details, and to provide a good quality results. Therefore, the high-resolution sensor, huge SDRAM and large FPGA for fast image processing have to be integrated in one package.

The best solution available in the Market at the moment is VELOCIRAPTOR, the latest camera family developed specially for troubleshooting applications. It has everything the high-speed camera must have – it’s a real BEAST. It can capture more images in a second then a human eye!

• imaging of fuel injection,
• engine airflows and airbag deployment,
• crash sled,
• crash tests,
• vehicle impact testing,
• engine (valve spring) combustion,
• mechanical stress tests,
• industrial breakdown analysis,
• general R&D,
• and many other tasks!