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Electronics & Semiconductors

Compared to every other industry, the electronics & semiconductor industry is unique. The chipmakers dramatically increase the performance of their products, while the electronics industry is continuously developing smaller products that contain more and more applications. Many hi-tech products like mobile phones, computers and micro systems, printed circuit boards are becoming increasingly complex with an increasing number of components integrated onto each board.

Thanks to new technologies the costs of production per chip are decreasing. Traditionally, semiconductor companies control the entire production process, from design to manufacture. To ensure consistent assembly quality of electronic products and semiconductors, machine vision technology is today applied in all stages of the manufacturing process.

Besides improved and consistent product quality, OPTOMOTIVE’s cameras help to increase efficiency on the production line. 

• inspection of bare boards (verification of circuit layouts/patterns/drill-holes and coatings),
• ball grid array inspection,
• component positioning,
• solder paste quality,
• dimensional accuracy,
• pick & place applications,
• wafer probing,
• wafer dicing,
• lead frame inspection,
• die bonding and wire bonding,
• and more.