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Mission and Values

OptoMotive’s Vision and Mission are VISIONARY IMAGING SOLUTIONS:

OptoMotive’s Vision is Machine-Vision for the Future

Progressive technologies are already improving quality of our every-day life and will do so even much more in the future. High-end machine vision requires high-speed data acquisition, precision timing, enhanced transmission of data and real-time data processing. OptoMotive’s Vison is to overrun the best competitor’s on machine-vision market and to become one of the leading suppliers of modular high-speed intelligent cameras for demanding applications.
OptoMotive Mission is to Equip High-Tech with the Power of Vision.

OptoMotive’s Mission is to Equip High-Tech with the Power of Vision

FPGA technology and Machine Vision are one of the fastest growing markets. Aided by the more and more available high-computing power of FPGAs and fast improvements in sensors’ imaging resolution and frame-rates, vision-systems are deploying in an ever-increasing range of applications. From industrial automation and industrial measurement systems, to non-industrial and consumer applications. OptoMotive’s Mission is to supply the most demanding machine-vision market’s customers with most efficient cameras and systems to best suite their needs.


• Offering products and solutions of superior value
• Innovating continuously
• Excelling in what we do
• Building vision of the future


• Creativity
• Flexibility
• Competence
• Integrity
• Reliability
• Partnership